How To Lock You Notes On Your iPhone In Two Minutes


Check this out! The latest iPhone update has brought you more peaceful and better sleep as you can now personalize your new morning updates and secure your notes.

The iOS 9.3 lets you lock your individual notes consecutively. It simply means that you can now store information safely: notes such as your bank account number, computer passwords, or even your social security number, without any worry of losing your phone, someone else will get access to that info.


To switch the said feature on, start by going to the settings  on your phone and select Notes. Then you enter a password. You can also set up your Notes for Touch ID, for you to be able to  unlock a Note with finger recognition, just like the way you do on your  iPhone home screen.

Then you go into the individual Note that you’d like to lock. Click the menu symbol (the box with the arrow that points upward in the upper right) and then tap “Lock Note.” After returning to the Note, just tap the padlock symbol, and same in the upper right, so that it’s shut, not open.


If you ever want to unlock a note, simply follow the same step that you took to lock it: Tap the menu symbol and then Unlock Note. The whole process does not take less than three minutes and you are done. Your iPhone sure worth the extra security.

Get secured!

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