How To Type Symbols Like ¢ And © On Your Mac Keyboard


Your computer keyboard has about 64 keys on it. That’s great for letters and numbers—but what about symbols, like these?

¢ ©  ®  ™  ¥

On the Mac, it’s worth learning them. Hold down the Option key and type 2 for trademark (™), 4 for cents (¢), g for copyright (©), r for registered trademark (®), or y for Yen (¥).

If you forget, you can always open the Symbol palette—in any program where you can type text, open the Edit menu and choose Emoji & Symbols—and just click what you want.

On Windows, there’s no built-in standard for these symbols across fonts. But you can open the Character Map, which offers all of those symbols. Tap the Windows key to open the Search box, and then start typing Character until you see the Character Map’s name. Boom.

And if you forget all of that, you can just Google it. For example, search for the Copyright symbol. And then copy it.

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